About Us

The TB Forum is a collaborative network of policy makers, health workers, researchers, people affected by TB and advocates working to end the TB epidemic in the Asia-Pacific region. The TB Forum is an independent not-for-profit organisation, which works through leadership, collaboration, education and science-based advocacy to close the knowledge, implementation and ambition gaps to end TB.

Vision: A world free of the pain and suffering caused by tuberculosis.

The TB Forum aims to bridge the knowledge, implementation and ambition gaps for innovative and effective approaches to TB prevention, care and elimination with the following objectives:
1. Generate and facilitate communication and collaborations within the broad range of stakeholders working to end TB in our region.
2. Establish a platform for education and science-based advocacy that will increase awareness among the Australian community and Government.
3. Work in partnership with the Australian Government to end the TB epidemic in the Asia Pacific region.

Our Partners

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